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Spring Breezes Blowing Fluffy Afros and Silken Capelets

The daffodils remind me of my beloved Bischon Frise Josy whose birthday is April 8. Just like Josy's fluffy white afro, yellow daffodils dance in the breeze like sunshine and make you smile so brightly! What a delightful sight.

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Do you want to enchant your lover? 

CharmaineLouise Intimates gives you Sexy Under Things & Loungewear with lingerie, bras, panties, capes, kimono robes, sweaters, and tunics. The Blog explores the Art of Seduction deep diving into enticing perfume, flirt and tease skills, makeup, and more topics that will enchant your lover.

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CharmaineLouise Intimates Story

Ready to look your most alluring for your lover? Just thank us after!

CharmaineLouise invites you to indulge in The Sensual Lifestyle through CharmaineLouise Intimates Sexy Under Things & Loungewear.

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