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Glitz. Glamour. Steamy

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“I enjoyed all of the happenings between Roger and Leonie. With both of them being passionate, I didn’t expect anything less from their fights to making up! The entire Steele crew are bold and a force to be reckoned!!”

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Book 4 in the STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series

Glitz. Glamour. Steamy.

Welcome to the titillating world of STEELE International, Inc. and the family that controls the multibillion-dollar company. Sizzling, romance series follows their trysts as they jet around the globe. Captivating Powerful Billionaires and Independent Women they lust after and love.

The tempestuous fiery love affair of Powerful Billionaire Roger The Responsible Steele and Supermodel-cum-Interior designer Leonie The Lion Beaulieu continues to spark in part two of their second chance billionaire romance story trilogy.

Join this white-hot pair as their turbulent romance takes them to villas set in the hillsides of Beverly Hills and Capri, above the azure waters of the Mediterranean in Cannes, opulent Parisian manoirs, and high-in-the-clouds Manhattan penthouses in this Sexy Fantasy.

Who said watching paint dry is boring…

The Jet-set Lifestyle has never been hotter!

Roger and Leonie’s love story is a standalone trilogy in the STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series of sizzling Sexy Fantasies that feature captivating couples of Powerful Billionaires, Alpha Males, Doms, and the Independent Women they lust after and love that ultimately have HEA.

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