Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties

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Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties

Hand-Crochet Reinvented.

Sexy lingerie and loungewear hand-crocheted cashmere full-cup bra and string bikini panties in a closed stitch pattern


  • Black
  • Cream

Sizes & Fit:

  • P/S (0-6) US
  • M/L (8-12) US
  • Crocheted strings on the full-cup bra and on the bikini panties adjust the fit
  • See our Size Chart for details


  • 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn
  • 100% cotton lines the panties

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash cool water, mild soap
  • Dry flat 

CharmaineLouise Intimates Style Tip:

Perfect as luxurious lingerie and as sexy loungewear


Imagine This CharmaineLouise Books Sexy Fantasy:

A shiver runs down your spine in anticipation as you step onto the elevator. Just as you reach to press the button for your destination, a handsome stranger smiles and asks which floor. Giving a coy smile in return, you press the 40th floor. “Ah, headed to the top,” he teases. “Sometimes,” you respond with a smirk lifting the satchel higher onto your shoulder.

With a nod, the stranger exits on the 23rd floor. Soon the doors open onto the spacious lobby of a thriving company, the hum of activity floats above the soft jazz music, the sun streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows brighten the interior. Striding with your head held high, eyes focused on the double doors beyond the reception desk, heads turn as the heels of your thigh-high boots click on the marble floors. With the grace of a panther, you reach the office, knock once, and open the doors.

Behind the desk speaking into an earpiece is your lover exuding the command and power of an Alpha Billionaire. Your eyes lock as you close the door, lower your satchel to the floor, and slowly untie and drop your trench coat to reveal your cream Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties. Your lover quickly ends the call as his lips curl into a smile. His eyes caress your body from head to toe. Licking his lips as he spies your hardened nipples tauntingly peaking from the crocheted, cashmere cups, he beckons you to kneel before him.

“Oh, no, Pet,” you smirk bending over to open the satchel to remove a pair of well-worn leather cuffs and paddle. “Today, I’m the Dominatrix and you’re the sub.”

Lowering his eyes in deference to you, he whispers, “So, you are, Ma’am, so you are.” 

The Lena — Classic Collection is comprised of three pieces: a three-quarter sleeve sweaterlette cardigan, full-cup bra, and string bikini panties hand-crocheted in 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn featuring a closed stitch pattern. 

The Lena Sweaterlette is available separately.

Want it all? Purchase the sweaterlette and use promo code LENASWEATERLETTE to receive 50% off of the Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties! 


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