Diana — Showstopper Collection

CharmaineLouise Intimates — Sexy Under Things & Loungewear

Glitzy. Glamorous. Steamy.

Hand-Crochet Reinvented.

Evenings swell with romance and glamour as you lounge by the fireside in your cashmere kimono, demi-cup bra, and string bikini panties, sipping champagne with your beau. Or pair with the perfect jeans and boots to add showstopper flair to your afternoon romp about town. With Diana, you always get what you hope for!

The Diana — Showstopper Collection is comprised of three pieces: a kimono robe, demi-cup bra, and string bikini panties. Each piece is hand crocheted in 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn in a lattice-weave stitch pattern.

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