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Who doesn't love a sexy as sin billionaire Alpha male?


Well... Here's your chance to get your fill of dominant Alpha heroes—human and wolf shifter—for free! My romance novels take readers into the heroes’ glitzy, glamorous, steamy worlds as they chase after independent women who unexpectedly capture their hearts. Subscribe to my newsletter and start reading these exclusive-for-subscribers spicy romances today. Click the covers below.


Discover My Desires Sebastian & Lola Prequel the start of the STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series.


Dylan The Rogue: A Wolf Shifter Fated Mates Paranormal Romance a full standalone romance in the sizzling Billionaire Wolves Series.


Discover My Desires Sebastian & Lola Prequel
Their stories. Their discovery of unknown desires… 


Lola Independent Woman Lewis On the fast-track to a booming luxury lingerie company with goals to expand from Paris and London to New York City and Las Vegas. Her business is a success. Her love life, not so much. Will one steamy night of intense passion spark the discovery of her unknown desire? 

Do I understand? Do I want to cede control to Simon? Why does it turn me on???


Sebastian Steele Powerful Billionaire the eldest in the Steele clan of billionaire brothers and sister on the path to CEO of his family's luxury real estate development and management global empire. When his work in Dubai includes sizzling extracurricular activities, will the discovery of his newfound desire blaze a second trail? 

She trembles and a gasp slips from between her lips in response. Let the exploration begin.


"I am still blushing!!"

***** Star Amazon Reader Review

Fulfill My Desires Sebastian & Lola Part I

Welcome to the titillating world of STEELE International, Inc. and the love affairs of the romance series family that controls the multibillion-dollar, global company. Read Discover My Desires the billionaire romance prequel to Fulfill My Desires Sebastian & Lola Part I the first novel in the series. Enjoy this steamy novella, then dive in for even more of their standalone contemporary romance story! 


Dylan The Rogue: A Wolf Shifter Fated Mates Paranormal Romance
A tough wolf shifter who doesn’t believe in fated mates walks into a diner and his knees buckle. Yeah, tell me about it…


I fought my best friend to challenge him for Alpha of the Billionaire Wolves of Miami pack run by his family for millennia. The same prince of the pack who befriended me when we were pups because others taunted me for being the lowest ranking member.


So, no, I don’t give a damn about others. I’ve had to put myself first my entire life. And now, I’m a lone wolf. I use my brawn—and my wolf senses—to win in underground fight clubs. Nothing and no one make me weak. Until her. Sasha Volkov. The jagged scar on her face can’t mar this beauty.


I’m a waitress in a nondescript diner in New York City. A place I hide from my pack. The Alpha and his followers profit when they force unclaimed she-wolves to breed then sell the pups on the underground market. And I was next.


I thought I’d escaped others of my kind. Then a beast of a male Dylan Vang walks into the diner, and my wolf leaps for joy. But I can’t let anyone find me, not even my fated mate.


This is a full standalone romance in the sizzling Billionaire Wolves Series of interconnecting stories featuring wolf shifter fated mates. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.