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CharmaineLouise Intimates Story

Ready to look your most alluring for your lover? Just thank us after!

CharmaineLouise invites you to indulge in The Sensual Lifestyle through CharmaineLouise Intimates Sexy Under Things & Loungewear.

CLIntimates debuted in 2003. Inspired by the sensuous sirens and sylph swans of the past and present, the collections are for the sexy: hence, the line names Ginger — Bombshell; Diana — Showstopper; Jackie — Timeless; Lena — Classic.

CLIntimates Wearers are those who do and those who want to embrace and delight in their sensuality and are not afraid of expressing their desires.

The lingerie and loungewear offer them opportunities to indulge in their senses. The sumptuous and decadent feel of cashmere and silk heightens their sense of touch. The intricate, high-quality craftsmanship of hand crochet appeals to their discerning sense of style. The unique versatility of the lingerie, capelets, kimonos, sweaterlettes, and tunics appeases their sense of purpose.

CLIntimates is for all who want to tickle their fancy!

Take the Four types of sexy. Which are you? Quiz to meet your inner siren, sylph, or both! Then, comment below and share your look and thoughts on our CharmaineLouise Intimates Facebook page.

Fulfill Your Desires.

Charmaine Louise

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