Sexy Fantasy Type Part I – The sub

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Sexy Fantasy Type Part I – The sub

Kneeling, back straight, palms on thighs, downcast gaze it is for you, Sexy!

So, you satisfactorily completed your assignment using CLBooks’ little helper the Four types of lovers. Which are you? Quiz to match your Sexy Fantasy type–sub, Voyeur, Dominatrix, or Dominatrix sub Switch–and you’re the sub. Hhhmmm… Interesting, Sexy. 

If you haven’t completed the Quiz, click the link above before you spoil your fun!

Now, a quickie review of your quiz results:

Definition of a sub

A person in BDSM who submits control and trust to a Dominant person and reaches sexual pleasure and ultimately sub space when denied orgasmic satisfaction, tied up, punished, so on

Sex Outfit of Choice 
A sheer, skin-toned, nipple-baring negligee, bare feet, and no panties to give Sir unobstructed access whether in the bedroom or in the Dungeon

Accessory of Choice

Red, silk cords heavenly for Shibari, but whatever Ma'am or Sir prefers of course


Next let us deep dive further in, shall we, Little Pet? Remember your safe word...

People who are unfamiliar with the true BDSM lifestyle* often assume that the sub is someone who is a weakling; has no sense of self-value; cannot make decisions for themselves; dependent upon another; or merely exists for the depraved whims of a Dominant or of a Dominatrix.

Au contraire, mon frere!

The power ultimately lies with the sub.

How can that possibly be, those who doubt question.

As the aforementioned definition states, the sub is someone who knows that they achieve sexual satisfaction when they give control to Dom. The choice is theirs and theirs alone. How you get off is up to you!

The sub puts their trust in an experienced Dom—trust that a true Dom values and respects.

The sub decides what they will or will not do when their limits are discussed in advance with the Dom. The Dom adheres to the sub’s preferences.

The sub has a safe word or non-verbal cue to indicate to the Dom that the sub is near or at their limit and the play or the scene must slow or stop immediately.

The Dom/sub relationship can extend beyond a sexual encounter—it can be a part of the pair’s everyday circumstance with the Dom in control of some or all aspects of the sub’s life. Again, the choice is that of the sub and the Dom is respectful of their gift.

So, dear Pet, whichever version of the relationship you prefer, be proud and take the bull by his balls or the cow by her utters—again, whatever brings you joy.

Now, go revel in your lifestyle and get frisky with CLBooks!

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Fulfill Your Desires.

Charmaine Louise

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*Completely different from a situation where a person uses the false pretense of supposed-BDSM to cause harm to another person

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