STEELE International, Inc. Series — Justify My Desires Roger & Leonie Part III

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STEELE International, Inc. — Justify My Desires Roger & Leonie Part III

A Billionaires Romance Series

Glitzy. Glamorous. Steamy. 


The STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series Book 5 features the Happy For Now conclusion of Roger and Leonie's coup de foudre love affair. 


The smoldering love affair of Alpha Male Billionaire Roger The Responsible Steele and Supermodel-cum-Interior Designer Leonie The Lion Beaulieu continues to spark in part three of their second-chance trilogy.

The loving duo may be heading down the aisle in a Winter Wonderland Wedding with their adorable Twins, but will the shadow of Roger’s legal woes follow them?

Come along for their steamy holiday romance as they travel to Verbier for a sizzling Merry Christmas & New Year, personal fireworks in Southampton for Labor Day, Capri for yachting, Paris for home sweet home, and wherever their steamy rendezvous take them!


Catch up with Roger and Leonie in Ignite My Desires Roger & Leonie Part IThe third book in the STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series of sizzling, contemporary romance novels that follow the family’s trysts. Captivating couples of Powerful Billionaires, Alpha Males, Doms, and the Independent Women they lust after and love that ultimately have happily ever after endings.

Roger and Leonie’s love story is a standalone trilogy in the series.


The Desire Series is not for the tea set; it’s for the top-shelf vodka straight up in a pretty crystal glass coterie! So if you enjoy Sexy Fantasies that immerse you in billionaire romance books with possessive male romance and strong female romance that keep you on the edge, then come along for their racy rides.


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~ Ignite My Desires Roger & Leonie Part I their second-chance love affair is electrifying! 


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