STEELE International, Inc. Series — Ignite My Desires Roger & Leonie Part I

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STEELE International, Inc. — Ignite My Desires Roger & Leonie Part I

An Alpha Billionaires Romance Series

The STEELE International, Inc. Alpha Billionaires Romance Series Book 3 features the love affair of Roger and Leonie. 


Did you catch onto the dynamism of Roger the Responsible and Leonie The Lion in Fulfill My Desires Sebastian & Lola Parts I and II

Well, you’ll have your questions answered! Roger and Leonie’s second-chance romance takes you on their journey around the globe—Positano, Nice, Paris, New York... 

Leonie The Lion Beaulieu stunning supermodel based in Paris; who’s fun loving, confident, easygoing with a budding career in residential interior design. Every man wants her. But her heart’s broken once. 

Roger The Responsible Steele Alpha Billionaire president of his family's luxury real estate development and management global empire’s residential properties division; intense, focused control freak meets bubbly supermodel who upends his structured world. He let her get away once… Not this time. 

Can they reignite their coup de foudre? Or won’t lightning strike twice? 

Their love story is a standalone duet in The STEELE International, Inc. An Alpha Billionaires Romance Series of sizzling, contemporary romance novels that follows the family’s trysts. Captivating couples of Alpha Doms, Powerful Billionaires, and the women they lust after and love that ultimately have happily ever after endings. 

Read about Roger and Leonie’s first try at love in Fulfill My Fantasies Sebastian & Lola Part I the first book in the series. 


If you enjoy Sexy Fantasies that immerse you in billionaire romance with possessive Alpha Males and strong females that keeps you on the edge, then come along for their racy rides.


**Cover and details will update closer to expected release date September 21, 2020


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STEELE Series Reading Order & Family

~ Stoke My Desires Roger & Leonie Part II their love affair continues to their happily ever after 


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