Lena Sweaterlette

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Lena Sweaterlette

Hand-Crochet Reinvented.

Sexy lingerie and loungewear hand-crocheted cashmere three-quarter sleeve sweaterlette cardigan in a closed stitch pattern


  • Black
  • Cream

Sizes & Fit:

  • P/S (0-6) US
  • M/L (8-12) US
  • Slip arms through sleeves and the sweaterlette wraps around body
  • See our Size Chart for details


  • 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn
  • 100% cotton lines the panties

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash cool water, mild soap
  • Dry flat 

CharmaineLouise Intimates Style Tips:

Perfect as as sexy loungewear and for day paired with a pencil skirt, camisole, and sling backs and for evening over a cocktail dress and strappy sandals

Imagine This CharmaineLouise Books Sexy Fantasy:

“Achoo, achoo, achooooo!”

“Ah spring is in the air, but the misery of an allergy attack from the pollen of those beautiful cherry blossoms sure has me feeling down,” you bemoan to your best friend on the phone. Shifting, you rearrange your pillows and raise the shawl collar of your black Lena sweaterlette to wrap it closer around your body in a comforting cocoon—you may be feeling wretched, but at least you look fantastic lounging in bed.

“Oh, honey, I feel your pain,” croons your bestie.

The door to your bedroom opens and a sterling silver tray with a red rose, porcelain teapot and matching cups appears followed by your handsome, smiling lover. “Gotta go,” you laugh as you disconnect the call. 

“Hi, Sexy, I thought you might like some herbal tea and biscuits.” Placing the tray across your lap, your Billionaire Dom brushes his lips across your forehead, his warm breath coupled with his panties-melting British accent causes your pulse to beat faster.

“Thank you, Love, how thoughtful” you purr.

“Of course. You know that your care is of the utmost priority for me—whether after a scene or when you are ill.” Tipping his head back to get a better look at you, he smiles and says, “I must say, despite your stuffy nose, you look absolutely ravishing!”

Running your fingers through his thick, dark hair, you send a silent thanks to the Four types of sexy. Which are you? Quiz results for helping you to realize your inner swan. {wink wink}       

The Lena — Classic Collection is comprised of three pieces: a three-quarter sleeve sweaterlette cardigan, full-cup bra, and string bikini panties hand-crocheted in 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn featuring a closed stitch pattern. 

The Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties lingerie set is available separately.

Want it all? Purchase the sweaterlette and use promo code LENASWEATERLETTE to receive 50% off of the Lena Full-cup Bra & Panties! 


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