Diana Demi-Cup Bra & Panties

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Diana Demi-Cup Bra & Panties

Hand-Crochet Reinvented.

Sexy lingerie and loungewear hand-crocheted cashmere demi-cup bra and string bikini panties in a lattice-weave stitch pattern


  • Black
  • Pink 

Sizes & Fit:

  • P/S (0-6) US
  • M/L (8-12) US
  • Crocheted strings on the demi-cup bra and on the bikini panties adjust the fit
  • See our Size Chart for details


  • 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn
  • 100% cotton lines the panties

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash cool water, mild soap
  • Dry flat 

CharmaineLouise Intimates Style Tip:

Perfect as luxurious lingerie and as sexy loungewear 

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It’s been over two weeks since your lover went away on a business trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Long-distance, late-night FaceTime is not enough…you miss your honey!

The clock strikes 11. Where is he?

In walks your lover a magnificent specimen of an Alpha male. His eyes brighten in surprise as his gaze lands on you lounging on the living room sofa in your black Diana Demi-cup Bra & Panties lingerie set sipping from a snifter filled with two fingers of his favorite cognac. The room is dark save for the candles casting a soft glow strategically placed to accentuate your {curves, long legs, full bosom, you know what your assets are…}.

“Why hello, Lover,” you purr seductively, “welcome home.”

"And what a nice welcome home it is," he says as the brightness in his eyes turns into a devilish gleam hinting at his thoughts of bringing you hours of non-stop pleasure run through his head. “Aren’t you a glorious sight for travel-weary eyes.”

The Diana — Showstopper Collection is comprised of three pieces: a kimono robe, demi-cup bra, and string bikini panties. Each piece is hand crocheted in 100% hand-dyed 8-ply cashmere yarn in a lattice-weave stitch pattern.

The Diana Kimono is available separately.

Want it all? Purchase the kimono and use promo code DIANAKIMONO to receive 50% off of the Diana Demi-cup Bra & Panties! 


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