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CharmaineLouise Books Blog — The World of Sex

Do You Want Your Sexy Fantasies to Explode?

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CharmaineLouise Books brings you sizzling, contemporary romance novels full of glitz, glamour, and steamy sex. Captivating couples of Powerful Billionaires and the Independent Women they lust after and love that ultimately have happily ever after endings. 

The Blog explores the World of Sex deep diving into the Kama Sutra, voyeurism, relationships, Alpha males and why women swoon for them, and more topics that will entice your Sexy Fantasies to swell and explode. Prepare to take notes or bookmark your favorite posts for reference, then tell your friends all about it!

First, it's time to delve into your personal Sexy Fantasy. Take the Four types of lovers. Which are you? Quiz to match your Sexy Fantasy: sub, Voyeur, Dominatrix, or Dominatrix sub Switch. Get acquainted with the type of lover you are so you can Fulfill Your Desires.

Then, tell us your results in a comment below, join the CharmaineLouise Books Coterie Fan Club, and engage with us and other contemporary romance novel readers on our CharmaineLouise Books Facebook page to share your Sexy Fantasy type and thoughts.

We look forward to riding this explosive journey with you!

Charmaine Louise

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